Not ready for a complete Central Air overhaul? Adding ducts and openings to your house can be expensive, and some homes aren’t built with this addition in mind. Don’t suffer in the heat! Explore our collection of mini-splits today to see which option is best for your home.

Mini-splits are like a cross between portable or window A/C units and central air. Each unit uses an individual fan and evaporator for each room. This comes with a few benefits that central air lacks. First, you can control the temperature in each room individually. Spend most of your time in the living room? Crank the air up there and let it diffuse throughout the house. Or install your primary unit in the bedroom to keep you cool at night.

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Mini-splits are incredibly versatile and come in a variety of options. Add units to all of the major rooms in your house, or just add one in a central room, the choice is up to you. Installation is easier than a central air system, and the lack of ducts means you won’t lose any air. Estimates place duct losses around 30%, so mini-splits are an efficient alternative. Different units come with different options, including remote controls, timers, and even heat pumps to keep you warm during the winter months.

Don’t suffer in the heat any longer. Call us today to see which mini-split option is right for your home. Progressive’s team of skilled HVAC technicians will help you decide which unit fits your rooms. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on Progressive to make sure your new mini-split system is primed and ready for whatever high temperatures the season brings.

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