Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homes today are built with some sort of crawl space. Whether it’s under an outdoor deck, acts as an indoor storage area, or is nearly inaccessible, home crawl spaces are nearly ubiquitous. Unfortunately, the nature of the crawlspace means you probably aren’t checking it out as frequently as is necessary. Crawlspaces can suffer from a number of problems due to dampness or high humidity. These issues include:

  • Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space or living area
  • Musty odors in the living area
  • Condensation “sweating” on air conditioning ductwork or equipment
  • Condensation on insulation, water pipes or truss plates in the crawl space
  • Buckled hardwood floors
  • High humidity in the living area
  • Insect infestations
  • Rot in wooden framing

Any of these problems can grow into dangerous situations for any home. At Progressive, our teams of highly skilled technicians have been trained in crawl space encapsulation, HVAC efficiencies, mold remediation and more. Our crawlspace and basement moisture management solutions can help combat the dangers of a damp crawlspace.

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Our Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

Vapor barriers work to prevent crawl space moisture by creating a protective barrier that covers your home’s insulation. This prevents the water from seeping into your insulation increasing efficiency and preventing mold growth. Pair this with a crawlspace sealant, and you’ll prevent the moist dirty air from being blown around the rest of your house through your HVAC system.

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Vented crawl spaces do not regulate as well as we once believed and can create a variety of potential hazards. By applying a thick layer of plastic to the earth, shifting insulation from under the floor, in the floor joists to the walls, and ducting a vent into the now sealed crawlspace, we can create a controlled environment. This makes the crawlspace similar to the rooms inside your home.. Our expert HVAC technicians have been trained in all of these new methods. We offer FREE home evaluations and will help determine if your home’s crawl space needs an update.

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Temperature Control

Ducts are essential for maintaining proper temperature control throughout your home. Working year round for both heat and A/C means your ducts are vulnerable to plenty of wear and tear. Repairing or replacing your air duct system will help maintain the closed loop system that keeps your house the temperature you want it to be. Progressive is staffed by a team of trained HVAC technicians dedicated to ensuring your home temperature remains under your control.

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Preventative measures will help keep your system in working order and provide you with a number of benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, a sealed system, and lower monthly bills. Progressive’s expert HVAC technicians are here to help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system. Within 24 hours you will have a free estimate on how to improve your services and we’ll give you an upfront price so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Don’t waste money on utility bills or risk water damage. Our patented crawl space dehumidifier and ventilation fan work together to ensure your home is filled with clean, dry air. With Progressive’s one-day installation, and you can prevent moisture damage and effectively seal your crawl space off, reducing stress on your HVAC system and ensuring a safe, dry home. Our team has spent years working with homeowners in North Carolina, and we have the skills and experience to effectively control humidity and excessive moisture.

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Why People Love Progressive

For decades, Progressive has proudly been your hometown team for all of your heating and cooling needs. Our technicians are experienced in crawl space encapsulation, and on top of that, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, with 24/7 emergency service for help when you need it most.

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Our expert HVAC technicians can provide you with a free estimate today and will answer any questions you have about sealing off your crawl space and preventing the moisture from spreading. We offer 24/7 emergency service and upfront pricing so we’re always available and you always know what you’re getting.

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