Benefits of Crawl Space Maintenance

Your probably don’t put much thought into the air ducts or crawl spaces in your home until something stops working. Maybe there’s a visible mold issue or a rattling sound when you turn your A/C on. You shouldn’t wait until there’s a noticeable problem before you explore maintenance options for these areas in your home. Preventative measures will help keep your system in working order and provide you with a number of benefits.

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Reduced Maintenance Costs

A little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Your air ducts operate year round, supplying both heat and A/C to your home. Any appliance in use that long is vulnerable to wear and tear. Dust accumulation and loosening connections will cause your ducts to be less efficient. If these issues go untreated, instead of an easy repair, you’ll be looking at a full, and costly, duct replacement.

A Sealed System

Both ducts and crawl spaces are opening points for pests to enter your home. From bugs to smaller critters to mold, nobody wants to have to deal with these creatures in their homes. Encapsulating your crawl spaces with plastic and insulation helps prevent anything unwanted from entering your home.

Reduced Bills

If the sealed system is compromised, you’re going to be paying more on your monthly energy bills. Debris build up or loose connections will reduce your HVAC system’s effectiveness, causing you to increase the thermostat to get your desired temperature. You’ll be wasting more money each month without even realizing it.

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