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When was the last time you checked on your homes crawl space? These common home features might seem simple, but the best way to care for them and ensure the best living experience in your home has changed over time.

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Best practices once called for crawl spaces to be left open and allowed to “breathe,” venting air outside. The idea was by allowing them to self-regulate they would be able to maintain a consistent equilibrium and avoid potential issues. However, a recent study provided evidence that vented crawl spaces do not regulate as well as we once believed and create a variety of potential hazards. Crawl spaces are actually much more susceptible to high levels of RH, moisture buildup due to the environment reaching its dew point, and becoming a host to more major mold issues.

One solution to these issues is the newer concept of encapsulated crawl spaces. By applying a thick layer of plastic to the earth, shifting insulation from under the floor, in the floor joists to the walls, and ducting a vent into the now sealed crawlspace, it creates a controlled environment. This makes the crawlspace similar to the rooms in your home, increasing your heating and air efficiencies, nearly eliminating humidity issues, and creates a barrier that deters pests. These new systems are rapidly gaining in popularity due to the wide array of advantages and savings.

Our expert HVAC technicians have been trained in all of these new methods. We offer FREE home evaluations and will help determine if your home’s crawl space needs an update. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we won’t leave until you’re satisfied with your new encapsulated crawlspace.

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